Major Airline Alerts: The Jet Set Pets

Major Airline Alerts: The Jet Set Pets - The latest news and top stories for the Major Airlines.

New Alaska Airlines pet policy should decrease deaths


Alaska Airlines, which received unwanted publicity for its high number of animal deaths and injuries over the last few years, recently changed its pet policy and—thank goodness—no longer accepts Brachycephalic or "short-nosed" animals in the cargo compartment. Effective Dec. 4, 2014,  the Alaska … [Read more...]

Pet deaths on airlines decrease survey pet deaths on airlines

Pet deaths on airlines in the U.S. dropped drastically in 2013 but the so-called friendly skies still aren't all that kind to pawsengers. The latest figures show 21 pet deaths on airlines last year. That number is an improvement from the 30 pet deaths in 2012 and 35 in 2011. However it is still 21 … [Read more...]

Woman claims United Airlines almost killed her dog

United Airlines Sedona greyhound

United Airlines PetSafe® is not so safe if you ask Janet Sinclair, who claims United Airlines almost killed her dog Sedona. The dangers of checking a pet as baggage are on graphic display in this investigative piece that aired last night on NBC Bay Area News. I was interviewed for the story but not … [Read more...]

United offers pet grooming at new Chicago O’Hare airport kennel

United Airlines PetSafe kennel Chicago O'Hare ORD

There's no need for your pampered pet traveling through the Windy City via United Airlines' PetSafe service to arrive smelly and scraggly. United has opened a new, on-airport kennel facility at its Chicago O'Hare International Airport hub where distinguished dogs, fine felines and other animals can … [Read more...]

Pet-friendly Brussels Airlines adds flights from U.S.

Brussels Airlines pet friendly

We love Belgium for its waffles, chocolate and fries. Add airlines to that. Next month, pet-friendly Brussels Airlines begins nonstop service from Washington to Brussels, giving those traveling with a small dog or cat in cabin an alternative now that several other carriers have banned pets in their … [Read more...]

Boo the Dog can party on Sixth Street

Boo the Dog Virgin America

Pet-friendly Virgin America today celebrated the launch of its new daily round-trip service from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) to Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). It's probably just a matter of time before Boo the Dog, the airline's official pet liaison, is spotted on … [Read more...]

Fewer pet deaths on planes but more injuries in 2012

pet safety on airplanes

The so-called friendly skies aren't all that kind to pawsengers. Pet safety on airplanes continues to be a problem, as evidenced in a government report released this month shows 30 pet deaths on planes and 27 pet injuries on U.S. airlines in 2012. United Airlines was the main culprit with 12 pet … [Read more...]

Flat bed seats squish pets from first class

bart havanese pet travel

Dogs and cats are being kicked to the coach (cabin) by some airlines with flat bed seats. The horizontal seats that are supposed to make airline travel more comfortable have become a pain in the rear for passengers traveling with pets. In some cases, pawsengers  have been booted out of first and … [Read more...]

Risks of checking pets as baggage

pets injured

One of two dogs traveling together in a kennel died during an American Airlines flight. During a Horizon Air flight, luggage fell on a kennel containing a cat, bloodying the feline in the cargo hold. A dog traveling in Alaska Airlines' baggage compartment escaped from its kennel, was discovered … [Read more...]

Virgin America heads to EWR with $149 fares

boo pomeranian pet friendly airline virgin america

Boo, the cute Pomeranian hired by Virgin America as the airline's Pet Liaison earlier this year, will have another way to fly to the New York area for his media appearances. Pet-friendly Virgin America launches service to  New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), giving dogs and cats … [Read more...]

Uncertainty swirls when flying with pets in winter


Plan on flying with pets this winter? The chill in the November air is a reminder that cold weather and pet travel don't always mix. Flying with pets as checked baggage in the winter is not a given due to airlines' temperature restrictions based on either locations and the time of year or … [Read more...]