Lucy Carter was the Top Dog at, the luxury travel resource for the pampered pet on the go. At nine months old, she joined the family of Kelly E. Carter. From their first meeting at an airport on Nov. 18, 2001 until her sudden death on Sept. 21, 2014, Lucy led an enviable life, petsetting to the hottest destinations around the world and hobnobbing with celebrities and other boldface names. No wonder Roger Friedman once called her “the luckiest dog in Hollywood” in his column.

Strolling at SuperZoo 2014

SuperZoo 2014

SuperZoo, the annual pet trade show, got just a little better for precious me this year. Why, you ask? Well, my mommy finally snagged me that stroller I've been deserving for so long. All it took was her asking a nice lady at Pet Gear if she could borrow a stroller for a few days and voila! A snazzy … [Read more...]

Ready for my Good Morning America closeup

Good Morning America

Get ready, world: my star power is about to really shine through! This is the week (paws crossed) I get my much-deserved TV debut on Good Morning America. As you may know, I've always considered myself an undiscovered star, and this appearance is just what I need to show the world what I've got. … [Read more...]

Seven pounds and counting down

Lucy the Chihuahua at Le Negresco Hotel in Nice

It's Monday, which means weigh-in day for me. Yes, I'm still writing about pet obesity. Every Monday my mommy trots me down to Pets Unlimited, where there is a scale in the lobby. Today showed 7.0 lbs. In August I weighed 7.8 so I'm headed in the right direction. But it's taking me an awful long … [Read more...]

My trip to SuperZoo 2013 and handling lipoma

Everybody Loves Lucy SuperZoo

I'm a little late (what else is new?) writing since it's been two weeks since I returned from Las Vegas for SuperZoo 2013, where I was fawned over by strangers (what else is new?). In case you don't know, SuperZoo is a pet products trade show. There were tons of people and even more products, some … [Read more...]

Does this floor make my butt look big?

Everybody Loves Lucy

I'm sorry you haven't heard from me for a while. I've been too busy eating to check in with you from Monterey, where I've been for a couple of months. No, I wasn't banished to California's Central Coast for my occasional Lucifer-like behavior. I'm with my mommy, who is writing a book about traveling … [Read more...]

In search of Boo and Bo

Everybody Loves Lucy The Jet Set Pets

  Where do I start? I know it's been a while since I've updated you on my travels but that's because I haven't had a moment to write. During one 15-day stretch, I had 11 flights and stayed in nine different hotels. Don't even get me started on the lengthy car rides. What does my mommy think … [Read more...]

The February blues

Everybody Loves Lucy Le Marcel Dog Bakery

February wasn’t  such a great month for me. My beloved 49ers lost in the Super Bowl. I didn’t win Best in Show in a doggy runway show. And my 12th birthday was a bust. I’m sure you saw the Super Bowl so I don’t need to rehash that. I’d like to forget about Haute Dog San Francisco after Poncho, … [Read more...]

I was the hautest dog at Haute Dog SF

Haute Dog SF

It's not that I've been drinking Hatorade this morning. I like Poncho. Really I do. Even if he did win medals that should have been mine. In my mind, I was the hautest dog at Haute Dog SF, a doggie runway fashion show. I don't know what those judges saw in Poncho that they didn't see in me. We're … [Read more...]

Love letter from Archie at Mandarin Oriental Paris

Archie Lewoof Mandarin Oriental Paris

You know that I've never been too fond of other dogs. But Archie Lewoof, the mascot at Mandarin Oriental Paris, just may make me change my opinion. As you may recall, Archie is the border terrier I spent some time with during my fabulous stay in Paris last spring. I still dream about the heavenly … [Read more...]

Meeting The Wine Nazi at a dog-friendly winery

Lucy-RamsGate Winery pet friendly winery in Sonoma

The Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld  is one of those hilarious classics that won't be forgotten anytime soon. Neither will my encounter at a dog-friendly winery with whom I call The Wine Nazi during my recent trip to Sonoma. I was in the midst of enjoying the perfect day in pet-friendly Sonoma, … [Read more...]