Biscuit, the adventure Chihuahua

What an adventurous life Biscuit leads. When she was just three months old, a kind lady rescued her from traffic in Santa Fe, N.M., and gave her to her niece, Marin.

Since then, Biscuit and Marin have been on the go. The pooch loves to hike so anytime Marin is traveling in the mountains she makes sure to take Biscuit on a trail. Here she is in the Adirondacks.

Marin says of Biscuit, “She’s just as happy curling up in my lap with her stuffed meerkat. She also enjoys wowing spectators by jumping three feet high from a dead standstill, to snatch treats out of my hand.”

The origin of Biscuit is not verified but Marin says she is probably a rat terrier/long-haired Chihuaha blend, with perhaps a touch of Italian greyhound.

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