Brazil Pet Entry Regulations

A man walks dogs in Brazil

A man walks dogs in Brazil

Brazil pet entry regulations state pets (dogs, cats, birds) may enter Brazil only upon presentation of the following documents, duly authenticated by the Consular Service:

– sanitary certificate (for pets) issued by a veterinary and duly stamped by USDA, dated within one week prior to pets’ departure.
– rabies vaccination, as applicable.

Sanitary certificates must also certify that, up to 40 days prior to boarding, no contagious disease had been detected in the place of origin. Admittance of animals other than dogs, cats and pet birds require prior approval by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Source: São Paulo Local Reference INFOrmation in Washington, D.C.


The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento) is the official contact for the import and export of animals; the website has up-to-date information. Prior approval for the import of any type of animal other than a pet cat or dog is required.

Note: pet travel laws can be affected by exceptional outbreaks of diseases. Recent examples are Avian Influenza (the H5N1 strain of bird flu) and Foot and Mouth Disease.

  • Ministry of Agriculture
    Tel: (61) 3218 2828

Animals Allowed into Brazil

Cats and dogs may be brought into Brazil for non-commercial purposes. All other animals require an import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil.

Entering Brazil With a Pet

To bring cats or dogs into Brazil (excluding for commercial purposes) the following documentation is required:

  • International Health Certificate for animals (Certificado Zoosanitãrio Internacional – CZI). The international health certificate is issued by a licenced veterinarian ten days before departure, and must show no disease present. The certificate must also confirm that no incidence of contagious disease has been detected in the place of origin up to forty days before departure. The certificate must be authenticated by the Brazilian Consulate in the animal’s place of residence before departure
  • A certificate of vaccination against rabies for any animal over 90 days old (obtained 30 days before entry in the case of animals vaccinated for the first time). This must be valid for at least one year
  • Proof of owners full name and address including state and country
  • Documents showing the animals name, breed, gender, size, colour, coat and any other specific markings
  • Copies of all relevant documents for animals imported as cargo

Failure to comply with all requirements will result in the immediate return (at the owners cost) or destruction of the animal. Quarantine facilities do not exist when importing domestic animals.

The same requirements apply to guide dogs.

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture website has up-to-date information on what to do when entering Brazil.

  • For animals coming from Mercosul countries (Common Market of the South, made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay): Click here (in Portuguese)
  • For animals coming from all other countries: Click here (in Portuguese)

Leaving Brazil With a Pet

Cats and dogs bought in Brazil may be exported for non-commercial purposes to other countries providing they satisfy the criteria of the destination country. The same documentation is required as for an animal entering Brazil (see above):

  • International Health Certificate
  • A certificate of vaccination against rabies
  • Proof of owners full name and address including state and country
  • Documents showing the animals name, breed, gender, size, colour, coat and any other specific markings

The exportation of other animals may be restricted (particularly in the case of rare and endangered species) and prior authorisation is needed from the Ministry of Agriculture.

As requirements for importing animals vary greatly between countries, it is advisable to get all necessary details from the authorities of the destination country. Many countries may require a lengthy period of quarantine or may not allow the pet to enter directly from Brazil.

Details of the requirements of some countries for importing pets:

  • United Kingdom: the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) provides information for bringing pets to the United Kingdom. For details: Click here
  • USA: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide information on the requirements for bringing animals into the USA.
    For details: Click here
  • European Countries: The European Pet Passport allows qualifying domestic animals to freely cross borders within Europe. The Europa website provides information on the requirements for bringing animals into the EU.
    For details: Click here
  • Australia: the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service has information on bringing cats, dogs and other pets to Australia.
    For details: Click here
  • New Zealand: Biosecurity New Zealand provides information on the requirements for bringing animals into New Zealand.
    For details: Click here

Pet Carriers

Many of the major airlines serving Brazil cater for cats and dogs. Each has its own restrictions and requirements. It should be remembered that long-haul flights can be extremely traumatic for animals.

Depending on the type and size of animal and the airline used, the pet may be able to travel in the cabin or in the hold. The animal must travel in an approved container, which must be big enough for the animal to stand, sit and turn during the journey. The container must allow adequate ventilation. If the journey is longer than a few hours, food and drink may need to be supplied. Consult the appropriate airline or carrier for details.

On arrival in Brazil, the passenger passes through immigration control in the usual way and then proceeds to the luggage collection area where any animal travelling as cargo can be collected. Then proceed to the veterinary station near luggage collection where a vet examines the pet and approves and stamps the documents. A vet may not be necessary or available for this examination and another official may process the paperwork.

Travelling with Pets on Coaches within Brazil

Small domestic pets may only travel on coaches in Brazil if the following documents are presented:

  • Valid vaccination certificate
  • Recent health certificate from a veterinarian

A container any larger than 20cm wide, 25cm high and 40cm long is not permitted.

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