Cat prowling with Dita von Teese

Dita von Teese at home with her cat Aleister

Dita von Teese at home with Aleister. Courtesy Dita von Teese

When it comes to traveling on an airline with a pet, “be friends with the purser,” says international burlesque star Dita von Teese, who talked pet travel with The Jet Set Pets. The sultry entertainer is known to bring her cat Aleister on trips.

“He has a Louis Vuitton carrier, which I had painted with my monogram,” Dita von Teese says. “He’s really smart and can unzip it. I have to watch him carefully. One time he popped out on the plane.”

But by befriending the purser, she’s been able to cuddle with Aleister on lie-flat beds on long journeys. Aleister, who is around seven years old, has even flown on a private plane. Naturally, the fine feline loved that experience.

Dita von Teese cat Aleister 3

Aleister in his Louis Vuitton carrier. Courtesy Dita von Teese

Dita Von Teese says he told her, ” ‘Hey mom, you should get one of these jets.’ He was cruising around. He liked having free rein.”

Does that mean buying a private plane is on her list of things to buy.

“I’m not quite at that level yet,” Dita von Teese said.

While some cat lovers have a hard time convincing their posh pal to be their travel buddy, Dita von Teese had no such problem. Aleister immediately took to traveling.

“He’s always really been good with it,” Dita von Teese said. “(But) as soon as I open up his case, he wants to get out and explore.”

The proud pet parent calls her fur baby a “kind of unusual looking cat. He’s a Devon Rex. They have curly hair, wide-set eyes and they look like an alien.”

Dita von Teese cat Aleister

Aleister strikes a pose in a hotel room. Courtesy Dita von Teese

Cat and the hat

Stay tuned for the fashion icon’s next must-have travel item, set to debut this fall. As the Cointreau International Ambassador, Dita von Teese and Cointreau, the original French triple sec, previously created “My Cointreau Travel Essentials” bar. Presented in a chic, retro hatbox, the luxury coffret opens up to reveal a beautifully refined travel bar that conveniently contains all the accessories needed to create original cocktails while jet setting around the globe or while celebrating at home with friends.

Maybe her next creation will incorporate Aleister as well.



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