Iberia Airline pet policy

Iberia Airline pet policy and types of pets allowed: Dogs, cats, tortues, birds, etc.

In-cabin: Yes

Checked baggage:  Yes



  • Domestic: € 25 per flight
  • European, African (except South Africa): € 50 per flight
  • American flights: € 150 per flight

Checked baggage:

  • Domestic, European, African (except South Africa) and Middle East flights: € 120 per flight.
  • American and South African flights: € 300 per flight.
  • For origin America, Nigeria or Israel: $300 USD per flight.

Weight/Size restrictions: In-cabin, the weight of the animal plus the container or cage in which it is to travel may be no more than 8 kg. The container may be a maximum of 45 cm in length, 35 cm in width and 25 cm in depth, provided that the sum of those 3 measurements does not exceed 105 cm.


  • Animals in the hold are not accepted on IB5XXX flights.
  • Iberia does not allow the transportation of animals from the weasel family (ferret, sable, etc.)
  • If you a travelling to/from USA and have a flight connecting with another airline, please note that:

    If you a travelling with an animal in the hold you cannot check it in to the final destination. The animal must be collected at the transit airport and checked-in with the other company, paying the appropriate charge to each of the transporting carriers.

    For transit flights, an animal in the hold must be sent via the Cargo area.
    If you are travelling with a pet in cabin, you will also have to pay separately to each airline.

For more information: Visit Iberia or call 800-772-4642 from the U.S.

Source: Iberia

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