Dog massages do more than pamper Fifi

Lucy receives a massage at La Quinta Resort & Club

Most people think that dog massages at luxury, pet-friendly hotels are a prime example of how pet parents spoil their furry friends. But dog massages offer many tail-wagging health benefits for Fifi. "There is a huge misconception about animal massage; that it is just another foofy spa service … [Read more...]

The Pet Spa at Harrods in London is a pampering paradise

The Pet Spa at Harrods

Harrods is one of those utterly fabulous places that has something for everybody, including the posh pup and fine feline with the opening of The Pet Spa at Harrods. In addition to dogs and cats, tortoises, rabbits and even hamsters are welcome at this 3,000-square-foot pampering haven that offers … [Read more...]