Spending on pets tops $55 billion

spending on pets

Spending on pets continues to escalate. But then, you don't need me to tell you how much you shelled out on Fifi last year. All those trips to doggy day care. Massage therapist bills. Organic and raw meals. Gourmet treats. And then there is the canine couture that she just had to have. It all adds … [Read more...]

1 in 5 drivers distracted by pets

Kurgo pet travel products

Cellphones and PDAs aren't the only things distracting drivers these days.  A poll released this week shows that nearly one in five respondents to an AAA/Kurgo survey admit to taking hands off the wheel to keep their dogs from climbing in front seat. An AAA press release states that 78 million … [Read more...]

The wonderful world of Vonderbitch accessories

VONDERBITCH pet products

When a pet accessories company's tag line is “accessories for beings,” you just know the offerings are going to be top notch. That is certainly the case with Vonderbitch, a Miami-based luxury line for "dogs, cats and the people who love them." The quality and craftsmanship oozes through the images … [Read more...]

Room service for pets expands

Lucy at Rome Cavalieri hotel

Room service for pets are all the rage at upscale, pet-friendly hotels not just in the United States but in Mexico and Europe as well. Generally room service for pets is designed only for dogs and cats. At the Rome Cavalieri, Lucy was delighted to see the menu del mio fedele amico, or doggy menu for … [Read more...]

Exchanging wedding vows with Fifi in tow

Dog in wedding

Now that wedding season is officially underway, expect to see more pets in wedding parties, whether the ceremony is local or a fabulous destination wedding in an exotic location. After all, who wouldn't want their furry friend with them on their special day? The trick is how to pull it off. … [Read more...]

Life is a beach for Macy and friends

Macy and other dogs on Florida beach

Now that summer is upon us, canines begrudgingly must share their beaches with more humans. Follow these tips to make the outing the most enjoyable for your pampered pet and other beach goers: Before you go First, find out if the beach you plan to visit is pet-friendly. It is becoming increasingly … [Read more...]

Lost Chihuahua found after five years

Lost and found Chihuahua Cookie

If you've ever wondered whether you should microchip your pet, here's a good reason why: Cookie. The Chihuahua was lost five years ago but thanks to a microchip was reunited with her family earlier this week. Alejandro Pantoja reportedly purchased a puppy the day before the reunion with his dog … [Read more...]

Sherpa pet carrier – Keeping it simple

Lucy on luggage cart

There are plenty of fancier traveling pet carriers on the market but unless I'm trying to impress, I still rely on the same basic Sherpa pet carrier for Lucy that I've used since 2001. Not everyone is as crazy about our pooches as we are so sometimes it doesn't pay to advertise, "Hey, look at me. I … [Read more...]