TAM Airlines pet policy

TAM Airlines

TAM Airlines Pet Policy

What types of pets does TAM allow?

Domestic animals such as dogs and cats

Can I bring my pet in the cabin with me?


Can I check my pet as baggage?


Is there cargo service?

Yes, contact our TAM CARGO Call Center: 888-235-9826

What are the fees?

For flights within Brazil, a fee of ninety reais (R$ 90,00) + (weight of the kennel and the animal multiplied by the value corresponding to 0.5% of the published full fare).

For international flights, a fee of US$ 50.00 + the applicable excess baggage fee + taxes for destinations that use the weight system will be charged. For destinations that use the piece system, a fee corresponding of 2 excess luggage fees will be charged.

What are the weight/size limits?

For in-cabin, the total weight of the kennel + animal should not exceed 10 kg/22lbs


A 319 3 Economic-3 36cm/14,1in 33cm/12,9in 25cm/9,8in
A 320 3 Economic-2 36cm/14,1in 33cm/12,9in 25cm/9,8in
A 321 3 Economic-3 36cm/14,1in 33cm/12,9in 25cm/9,8in
A 330 4 Economic-2 36cm/14,1in 33cm/12,9in 25cm/9,8in
B 767
B 777 Business-2
A 340


For pets as checked baggage:

AIRCRAFT Length (cm) Breadth (cm) Height (cm)
F100 (JJ/PZ) 94 64 61
A319 94 64 61
A320 94 64 61
A330 94 64 61
MD11 94 64 61

Weight: Animals weighing up to 40kg (including the Kennel), are accepted as dispatched baggage, regardless of the gear.
Note: Domestic animals exceeding the maximum weight and measures stipulated above shall be transported as cargo.

Maximum quantity of AVIH per aircraft:

F100 (TAM) 2
A319 2
A320 2
A330 3
MD11 3


What else should I know?

  • For international flights, operated by TAM (except to London), domestic animals, such as dogs and cats, are accepted inside the passenger’s cabin at the Business and Economy Class. Domestic animals are not allowed in First Class.
  • For flights within Brazil, there is a limit of 1 animal per flight
  • For reservations, contact TAM’s Call Center at least 48 hours prior to the flight.
  • Anti-rabies Vaccination Certificate for animals over 3 months old, stating the name of the manufacturing laboratory, the vaccine type and the the lot number is required. This vaccine must have been given between 30 days up to to one year before the departure (animals under three months of age not yet vaccinated must present authorization from veterinarian).
  •  Health certificate issued by the veterinarian. The certificate is valid for 10 days from its issue date.
  • Zoosanitary Certificate  – valid for 10 days.

Where to obtain Zoosanitary Certificates in Sao Paulo:

Ministry of Agriculture – Animal Sanity Services. Rua Treze de Maio, 1558 – 3rd floor (next to shopping Paulista). Phone: (55-11) 251-0400 or 0800-551-559. Working Hours: from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Airport of Guarulhos – Ministry of Agriculture Sector, Animal Sanity Service Telefax: (55-11) 6445-2800

Where can I obtain more information?

Visit TAM or call  888 2flytam,  or 888 235-9826,  from the U.S. For international Call Center, dial +44 (0)20 8741 2005

Source: TAM

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